Soleil Brille is a family business primarily engaged in providing outstanding maintenance services. We are proud of our company and our first priority is always the satisfaction of our customers. We are committed not only to meeting their needs, but above all to exceeding them.


Whether it is a retail business, a restaurant, an office building or a shopping center, our team, made up of very professional, motivated and highly qualified individuals, will ensure your satisfaction.


It is important for Soleil Brille to always go above and beyond your expectations, and we hope to build lasting relationships with all of our clients.


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Our Products

Soleil Brille provides all the necessary equipment and maintenance products. The company keeps abreast of new technologies and innovations associated with different products and different maintenance equipment.


We only use environmentally friendly and biodegradable products because we believe that the safety and health not only of the individuals who use these products, but of all individuals, is of the utmost importance.


The cleaning of all public places is carried out with quality products.


The products we use are also used in large hospitals and hotels, as well as in several public places and in a large number of private buildings in Quebec.