Soleil Brille offers highly personalized maintenance services


We take care to fully understand the needs of our customers.


We are available and deliver unparalleled service while protecting our clients’ properties and premises. They are assured that the maintenance of their buildings will be carried out to their complete satisfaction.


We are committed to providing the best service at the best price, thereby saving our customers money by reducing their administrative workload associated with hiring staff and cutting expenses associated with fringe benefits normally offered to employees.


All our employees are trained and supervised and their work is checked regularly to ensure your complete satisfaction.


Soleil Brille offers a range of services that ensure excellent commercial maintenance for clients located in Montreal and surrounding areas.

Our types of services

Our services included, but not limited to :


Surface disinfection
Odor elimination
Daily housekeeping
Personalized services
Housekeeping after construction
Housekeeping after renovation
Big cleaning
Window cleaning
Carpet cleaning
Scrubbing & stripping
Floor polishing
Hood cleaning
Cleaning the grease trap
Graffiti cleaning

Among other things, Soleil Brille offers:

Great service
Qualified employees
Flexible hours
Very good references

Our commercial maintenance services cover it all – We keep your establishments sparkling clean… guaranteed!